How Does a Headhunter Company Work?

gambar kantor dengan karyawan di depannya

Many people might be pretty familiar with the recruiting process in a company, but you might have a big question about whether the recruitment process from the HR department of a hiring company is similar to a recruitment process by hiring a headhunter company? There is a slightly different process that will be taken by the headhunter company to help the hiring company find the best candidate for a job role.

Analyze Job Positions

At first, the headhunter company needs to understand the expectation of the hiring company about the potential candidate list. That is why the headhunter company must understand the needs of the hiring company precisely. Of course, the headhunter company will analyze the available role and the details of the contract. More importantly, the headhunter company must also understand the hiring company, its culture, and also confidential arrangements and information if there are any. By understanding the hiring company completely, the headhunter company can find and lure the best possible candidates for the positions.

Source Potential Candidates

After understanding the relevant information about the hiring company and the requirement, the headhunter company will take the next step to find prime candidates for the role. They will dig through referrals and search for people who hold similar or the same roles in other companies. Of course, the headhunter company will use networking in industry events and social media. They even will go further to trawl private databases or meet with the executive contacts.

Screening Gathered Candidates

After sourcing potential candidates, the headhunter company must have gathered an extensive list of possible candidates. The next thing to do is to narrow down the candidate search by considering the qualifications to find the best matches for the role.


The list has been narrowed down and it means that they are closer to the target candidate for the hiring company. The headhunter company will make necessary calls and appointments to inform those potential candidates. Of course, the headhunter company will also build interest with them. Yes, it is the role of the headhunter company to lure the potential candidates. It will not be an easy job at all, especially since the candidates are professionals that might be still working for other companies.

Create Shortlist for the Client

After completing the interviews and background checks, the headhunter company will create a shortlist of the best candidates that are suitable the most for the role needed by the hiring company. Anytime the clients think that they need to have an interview with those candidates, the headhunter company will organize the interviews. Of course, the headhunter company will also help with negotiations between both parties and onboarding whenever necessary.


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