Starting out your enterprise-class cloud journey with Firstnet Data Centres.

Want to stay ahead in the cloud? Then come to the Firstnet’s Open Day to influence your thinking on how to scale your business!

Our Open Day gives you the chance to visit the only dedicated Disaster & Workplace Recovery facility in Leeds. With its 80 high quality modern desks in a contemporary office space, meeting rooms, sun terrace and many more, Firstnet’s highly secure, ultra-advanced facility is the number one choice for organisations of all sizes.

The 2018 event combines interactive technical sessions from the world’s leading experts with a tour of our purpose-built data centre and great networking opportunities.

Join us on 8th June for complimentary brunch, drinks and for your chance to win some of the best new tech gadgets of 2018!

Keep up with the digital transformation.

Stay informed about cloud technology innovations so you can make an enlightened business decision.

Meet our keynote speakers.


Software defined everything.

10.30-10.50 and 2.30-2.50

The most popular catchwords in Information Technology today are software-defined networking, software-defined storage, and software-defined data centre . The IT market is certainly moving towards a software-defined future. Cisco experts explains how modern company can take advantage of these next-generation technologies.



The true meaning of Hyperconverged.

10.10-10.30 and 2.10-2.30

Nutanix talks about their philosophy behind HCI and introduces a scale-out idea behind HCI products, where the cluster can be easily expanded in small units as demand grows.



Taking pain out of relocations.

11.10-11.30 and 3.10-3.30

If your business plans to move its processing to a new colocation server hosting facility, it’s critical that it do so without interrupting daily operations. Techhnimove shares their tips for a seamless transition to a new colocation server hosting facility.



11,000 sq ft Data Centre with capacity of over 400 racks and 80+ desks Disaster/Workplace Recovery space.

Enhanced levels of physical security designed into the fabric of the building.

Technical expertise backed by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 industry accreditations with full 24/7/365 support.

Powered by N+1 continuous standby generators with 72 hours of diesel storage.