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Meet the Enterprise Cloud Solution from Firstnet - one OS, one click.


The agility of the public cloud, with the control and security of on-premises infrastructure.

Firstnet Cloud is delivered from the world-leading hyperconverged infrastructure powered by Nutanix. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform reduces latency between components while increasing performance and providing vast scaling opportunities.

Single, 100% software-defined appliance that comes ready to run all enterprise applications, at any scale.

The backend hyperconverged platform and SSD storage ensures provisioning speeds that outperform the likes of Azure and AWS. With its ability to create a brand-new Windows Server VM and log in under 45 seconds, our Cloud Solution gives our customers some of the fastest time for deployment and delivery.

Scale Up and Scale Out performance with high availability and Hyperscaler like technology.

Our Infrastructure offer up to 80Gbps connectivity, utilising independent providers. Our Cloud platform enable users to run multiple applications on a highly scalable infrastructure. We can grow with the needs of your business.



IT focus on the applications and services that power your business.

With its consumer-grade simplicity, Firstnet Cloud enable IT administrators to manage the whole spectrum of compute infrastructure, including VM operations, storage, data protection and disaster recovery, across a single or multiple sites.

100% software-defined cloud platform that comes ready to run all enterprise applications, at any scale.

Powered by Nutanix, Our Cloud Solution, delivers continuous agility and simplicity of public cloud, while providing a platform choice of Hypervisors.


Firstnet Cloud Solution empowers businesses to utilise a high performance Nutanix, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud platforms.


Simplified provisioning and out-of-the-box deployment.

Our Cloud platform enables self-service provisioning capabilities within a simple click and an array of one-click, pre-packed, best practise deployment templates to automate the provisioning process within the marketplace.


Reliable Disaster Recovery facility.

With our purpose-built, Leeds-based data centre, our secondary site in Manchester and tertiary data centre in London, Firstnet Cloud offers secure and scalable Disaster Recovery facility.


Ability to mix nodes to run multiple applications on one private cloud.

The Firstnet Cloud stores data across 3 independent nodes for data protection and resilience, utilising 4th node to automatically reassemble data and VMs on the fly, providing our customers with an autonomously self-healing environment.

Meet your business requirements with free choice of application.

Powered by Nutanix, our Cloud Platform is built with a technology agnostic architecture, giving IT teams flexibility to select the right hardware platform. One-click migration seamlessly transfer workloads across different infrastructure platforms, giving your business true application mobility.




Our Cloud Platform becomes smarter over time.



Our Cloud Solution scales over time to facilitate your business needs. The pay-as-you-grow model eliminates upfront overprovisioning and difficult forklift upgrades and can be extended on-demand with a single click.



Our Data Centres.

Our purpose-built, Leeds-based primary data centre spans over 11,000sq ft. featuring vast connectivity, logical and physical security protocols.

We utilise a second datacentre based in Manchester where customer environments are synchronised by the hour to ensure, in the event of disaster, that customer environments are still available.

Connectivity resilience.

Each Nutanix cluster contains 4 nodes. All data is replicated across 3 nodes, utilising the 4th (passive) node to automatically self-heal any server failure in real-time, ensuring server resilience. 

A high-availability pair of leaf switches provides cross-meshed connectivity (A&B streams) to each Nutanix cluster.

Each leaf switch is cross meshed to the spine switches which are also configure to be HA.


11,000 sq ft Data Centre with capacity of over 400 racks.  

With a capacity of over 400 cabinets and 80 desks, maintained by N+1 cooling and humidity control, our solutions are backed by award winning onsite Managed Services and flexible Cloud technology.


Firstnet's Data Centre utilises a single 11 kV power supply with capacity for 3.5 MVA. Powered by N+1 6.3 MVA continuous standby generator with 72 hours of diesel storage, our Colocation facility accommodates over 400 cabinets at 1,440 kW with option to upgrade to 2,160 kW


N+1 fresh air make-up pressurisation with close humidity controls to technical spaces optimises the performance of the server equipment.

Cabinets are cooled via chilled water down flow units (CRACs) configured for N+1.


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