Business Continuity

Preparing for the unpredictable.


Business continuity during natural disasters.

Unforeseen disaster is something that, given the choice, most of us would rather not contemplate. Unfortunately, in business there really is no choice if you want to safeguard the wellbeing of your company. Preparing for the worst-case scenario could mitigate a great deal of the impact if disaster strikes. That’s why a disaster recovery plan is an essential procedure. It will save you a world of stress and avoid a potentially ruinous effect on your business. It will also eliminate costly contingencies and substantially reduce your insurance premiums.

The only dedicated Disaster and Workplace Recovery facility in Leeds.

A fundamental element of your disaster recovery plan is your choice of workplace recovery facility. With a capacity of over 400 cabinets and 80 desks, maintained by N+1 cooling and humidity control, our disaster & workplace recovery solution is backed by award winning onsite managed services and flexible cloud technology. Our purpose-built, Leeds-based primary data centre spans over 11,000sq ft. featuring extensive multi-carrier connectivity with logical and physical security protocols.

Secure and comfortable working environment.

Our disaster and workplace recovery services can be tailored to your specific needs, depending upon your recovery time objective (RTO) and employee relocation requirements.





11,000 sq ft Data Centre with capacity of over 400 racks.  

With a capacity of over 400 cabinets and 80 desks, maintained by N+1 cooling and humidity control, our solutions are backed by award winning onsite Managed Services and flexible Cloud technology.


Firstnet's Data Centre utilises a single 11 kV power supply with capacity for 3.5 MVA. Powered by N+1 6.3 MVA continuous standby generator with 72 hours of diesel storage, our Colocation facility accommodates over 400 cabinets at 1,440 kW with option to upgrade to 2,160 kW


N+1 fresh air make-up pressurisation with close humidity controls to technical spaces optimises the performance of the server equipment.

Cabinets are cooled via chilled water down flow units (CRACs) configured for N+1.


24/7/365 monitoring.

We keep our data centre running at its peak performance with our Network Operations Centre (NOC) providing 24/7 monitoring across the entire facility.

Supported by our managed service team with the highest-level engineers available.

Our operational staff are trained and certified using the current Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Development and Operations (DevOps) principles which underpin our service to our customers that their own users depend upon.



Our highly secure Disaster and Workplace Recovery facility offer fully operational recovery and immediate access to your IT infrastructure. 


Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?

Our insurer-approved recovery plan eliminates costly contingencies and substantially reduce your insurance premiums.



Our purpose-built data centre operates on an N+1 basis so we have concurrent maintainability on every system (this means we provide a minimum of one standby unit in addition to the normal (N) operational requirement). 


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